Asiatic Bhutan – Your Bhutanese Companion

Located in Bhutan’s capital city, Thimphu, with branches spread over the country, Asiatic Bhutan was born to provide visitors a holistic experience of the Himalayan country, with the best professional services. A registered company with the Tourism Council of Bhutan, we are also a member of the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators.

We value our clients. Thus, we do not dictate. We listen and find out what our clients want and accordingly design tour packages. We are flexible. We understand that our visitors are special and come with distinct aspirations. We provide the best, especially by focusing on value addition.

We want our guests to leave Bhutan with the desire to come back again. We want our visitors to acknowledge that the decision to visit Bhutan through our company is perhaps the best decision ever made. We want you to take Bhutan back, through memories.

We are not just a tourism company. We are your guide. We are your hosts. We are your friends and family.

Why choose us?

Because, we are the beautiful flower that is blossoming in a garden called Bhutan and The Master orchestrator, of the lovely music called Bhutan.

Experts in customizing – Asiatic Bhutan can tailor make your visits. You can have a cultural experience, together with a trek or meditation.

Flexibility – Your desire or area of interest may change when you reach here. But it is fine. We are flexible.

Inclusive – We believe that every visitor is the same. Thus, we have programs for children, different age groups and even the disabled.

Personal Relations & Network – We know some of the best scholars, experts and public servants of Bhutan. Thus, if you wish to interact with someone for a discussion, we can arrange it. For instance, if you wish to know about Gross National Happiness (GNH), we have the perfect person for you.

We have branches all over the country.


About us

We are authorized approved travel agent by the Royal Government and accredited travel company licensed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan to cater to all tourist interested to visit Bhutan. Embark on a voyage that promises to enthral you, an experience that will captivate all your five sense organs and beyond... read more

Contact us

Mobile: +975 17756801 (whatsapp)


location: Jitshiphu new Drukgyel high school.

Opening time: 9:00 - 17:00